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Cottongin men's individual t-shirt
is not about the designer or brand

it’s about how it’s made
who made it and
what it’s made from

Your individual t-shirt
All our t-shirts are made after the Japanese craftsmanship philosophy and Ukrainian handicrafts traditions. Having a Cottongin bespoke t-shirt means that everything is 100% customized to fit you as an individual.
Cottongin t-shirt is produced using the Caribbean Sea Island Cotton, which represents less than 0.004% of cotton supplies on earth and can cost more than $3000 per bale compared to $400 per regular cotton.
Caribbean Sea Island cotton fiber is less than 12 microns (the average human hair is about 50 to 80 microns) qualifying as superfine. In the textile world, the smaller the fiber (fewer microns), the softer and more comfortable it is against the skin. Cottongin t-shirt is much softer and 20 percent lighter wearing.
Glossy finish


Cootongin t-shirt can be made with glossy or matte finish. The glossy t-shirt has a smooth, lustrous surface and structured silhouettes. It comes well with formal blazers and sharp suits.
Matte finish


The matte t-shirt finish has a super soft, deprived of luster surface with deconstructed silhouettes that trace the body lightly. It comes well with a relaxed and effortless style.
Ai-driven size calculation
Having a Cottongin bespoke t-shirt means that everything is 100% customized to fit you as an individual. Our approach to tailoring is intellectual. We’ve poured decades of our Bespoke drafting knowledge into a machine-learning algorithm to calculate your individual body measurements and create t-shirt size unique to you. Providing with height, weight, and body type computer build your 3-D body model and calculate more than 70 individual measurements, considering all the features of your body shape and morphology.
Our craftsmen are working within Japanese craftsmanship philosophy firmly rooted in respect for the materials, methods, and respect too for each customer and unique Ukrainian tailoring technique that takes 110 steps of making, 4000 stitches, and hand sewing that only can be found in bespoke shirts. Although this method is expensive and takes dozen times longer than a regular mass-produced t-shirt, it improves feelings of fit and comfort.
we make it yours
We make your name embroidery after Ukrainian traditions dating back centuries which requires a deep respect for the craftsmanship techniques.
A tribute to Japanese culture and aesthetics
In keeping it sophisticated and easy to style Cottongin’s t-shirts come in classic color palettes. They are available in hues of subtle whites, soft beige, shades of bold blues, greys, and deep blacks. Each color name comes from the Japanese culture and is inspired by its aesthetics traditionally used in arts, literature, textiles, and other crafts.
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We are creators, not just creatives.
After wandering around the globe we could finally put together the rarest world’s materials along with the age-old bespoke tailoring traditions. We choose Japan as an undeniable culture of craftsmanship and traditions leveraged around making very intricate things at a very high level of quality.

Our craftsmen go to the source to adapt the country's deeply rooted artisan skills and try to be as detail-oriented as possible about learning what makes Japanese craft perfect. We uphold the notion of respecting the material and bringing out its unique qualities by working with “care” and “thoughtfulness,” paralleling the demand for respect for nature.

We have learned to listen, to see, and to touch in order to tailor the beautiful t-shirt. It’s a lifetime of using our senses to perfect how the garment feels to another person. In every t-shirt we create, we leave a part of our curiosity, our discoveries, our visions and that’s the great satisfaction of craftsmanship for us.

Japanese Washi paper
Cottongin package surface covered with traditional Japanese washi paper that brings dense and warm feeling, much like textile, thick plain-weave wool with a napped surface. It exudes a simple warmth in tune with the climate and nature of rural Japan.
Sensorial immersion
Using the finest materials we craft t-shirts that gently mold to the body and offer complete comfort for the wearing. Cottongin t-shirt is about softness and lightness so much that you feel like you’re not wearing much.
sense of every detail
Cottogin t-shirt is not about the designer or brand name, it’s about how it’s made, who made it, and what it’s made from – those kinds of things that speak to the good craft with its sense of detail.
It’s all about craftsmanship, customization, and sustainability
We make Cottongin t-shirts with the appreciation of the material, process, and sustainability. We mix heritage with contemporary processes and artificial intelligence with traditional techniques. Selecting something long-lasting, unique, and innovative is key to creating something with a difference.
traditional Japanese packaging
In the Japanese tradition, the cultivation of a respectful, caring, and considerate attitude toward others is often practiced through aesthetic means.

Cottongin packaging illustrates the way this care and consideration are embodied in the aesthetic choices regarding discrete items, such as the Japanese washi paper chosen for a box surface or the almost seamless scent you can feel while interacting with the package.

Сottongin packaging is made from 100% recycled cardboard where each layer is exclusively shaped and gathered by hand, it provides an aesthetic experience by inviting the recipient to take care and time in unwrapping it.Made as a book with a hardcover and elastic closure its surface is covered with traditional Japanese washi paper that gives a dense and warm feeling, much like textile, thick plain-weave wool with a napped surface. Washi paper is commonly used in shoji, paper sliding doors used in traditional Japanese architecture to create a calm and warm ambiance. The almost seamless scent you can feel while interacting with the package was exclusively created for Cottongin. This scent is the thing that wraps all together. Clear and simple, free of extravagance package is a way of expressing care for the t-shirt inside.

Using the world's rarest and precious raw cotton
We are working with small-scale farmers who harvest, handle and sort Sea Island cotton gently by hand, in a traditional way, and take an ethical, sustainable approach to farming, as many years ago before machinery. These time-honored harvesting traditions avoid using a chemical defoliant and care for water, soil health, and natural habitats. Every kilogram of locally produced Sea Island cotton is inspected and certified with the Certificate of Authenticity for yarns marked SEA ISLAND by the organization called WISICA that can guarantee the purity of this precious raw material. The perfect yarn structure, attention to quality, and traceability at every stage of the production process ensure that the t-shirts produced with Sea Island fabrics are certified by a particular numbered hologram with the brand WISICA attesting origin and quality.

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