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Tailoring the highest quality t-shirts, we never lose sight of their impact on the Planet, as we believe that the excellence of our garments needs to reflect the excellence of our environmental practices and the values we share, such as integrity, respect, and responsibility.

The purest cotton on Earth
We are working with small-scale farmers who harvest, handle and sort Sea Island cotton gently by hand, in a traditional way, and take an ethical, sustainable approach to farming, as many years ago before machinery. These time-honored harvesting traditions avoid using a chemical defoliant and care for water, soil health, and natural habitats. Every kilogram of locally produced Sea Island cotton is inspected and certified by organization called WISICA that can guarantee the purity of this precious raw material.
Good things come in green packaging
Around a third of all domestic waste is packaging, so it can have a big impact on the environment throughout its lifecycle. Our box is made exclusively of sustainable and recycled cardboard, 100% plastic-free, which reduces the amount of plastic waste we put into the world.
Zero inventory waste
The beauty of bespoke garments is that they are produced on-demand with everything 100% customized to fit you as an individual, which is quite unlike anything experienced in the throwaway world of fast fashion and wastage of the mass market. It’s a far more ethical and sustainable approach because there is no overproduction, reducing the risk of excess unwanted stock going to landfills.
Cottongin factory
Frequently asked questions
Why Cottongin t-shirt is INDIVIDUAL?
Having a Cottongin bespoke t-shirt means that everything is 100% customized to fit you as an individual. We’ve poured decades of our Bespoke drafting knowledge into a machine-learning algorithm to calculate your individual body measurements and create t-shirt size unique to you. Providing with height, weight, and body type computer build your 3-D body model and calculate more than 70 individual measurements, considering all the features of your body shape and morphology. After the measurement stage, the craftsman at Cottongin transfers your measurements onto an individual canvas.
What is Caribbean Sea Island cotton?
Sea Island Cotton is the finest cotton on Earth that accounts for less than 0.004% of cotton supplies. Tiny quantities of Sea Island Cotton were patiently harvested by people who picked, handled, and sorted them gently by hand, in a traditional way, as many years ago before machinery. These efforts resulted in a unique cotton fiber with exceptionally fine texture, silky finish, and an ultra-soft feel.
Is Caribbean Sea Island cotton more durable than other kinds of cotton?
Caribbean Sea Island Cotton distinguish from all other species of cotton thanks to its unique characteristics: the considerable staple length of the fiber and the high fiber strength. These qualities provide not only legendary comfort but greater longevity as well. In contrast to other kinds of cotton, Caribbean Sea Island cotton does not suffer from inordinate shrinkage and rapid degradation. Its durable surface is barely affected by multiple washing, resists wear, and rather smooths over time.

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