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Every Cottongin t-shirt is the result of a unique tailoring method that takes 110 steps, 4000 stitches, and overall ten times longer than a regular mass produced t-shirt.

How it all begins
Providing with height, weight and body type our machine learning algorithm calculates your individual body measurements and creates a t-shirt size unique to you. You are only left with choosing the t-shirt color, collar type, and fabric finish.
Building your 3D Scan using our Smart Size Algorithm
Next, our SSA - Smart Size Algorithm builds your 3-D body model and calculates more than 70 individual measurements, considering all the features of your body shape and morphology.
Creating individual canvas
After the measurement stage, the craftsman at Cottongin transfers your measurements onto an individual canvas.
Your garment gets made
Using the same construction and sewing techniques that only can be found in bespoke shirts our tailors sew up to 4000 clean and fine stitches into a single t-shirt, and finish with couture sewing by hand.
Adding a personal touch
The neat and clean monogram is added on the very bottom of your t-shirt, using the finest threads to make it feel seamless. We also have your name beautifully embroidered into the inside of your t-shirt, carefully hidden from other eyes.
Ready to be shipped
Your t-shirt is packed into the 100% recycled cardboard box covered with traditional Japanese washi paper that gives a dense and warm feeling, much like textile.
Try it on
All our garments come with a Smart Size Guarantee which means if your t-shirt doesn’t fit like you think it should, we’ll provide a complimentary alteration or remake. As each Cottongin t-shirt is 100% customized to reflect your personal choices and size we are unable to provide a return if you have provided the incorrect details or measurements.

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