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Cottongin is a kosmopolitês luxury bespoke men’s clothing brand born in the heart of Ukraine, in Kyiv, and expanded our offices to many parts of the world. All our t-shirts are made after the Japanese craftsmanship philosophy and Ukrainian handicrafts traditions, from the world’s rarest cotton, harvested in Barbados and Jamaica, turning it to yarn in Switzerland and wove into superlative textile in Portugal.
We have been putting our trust in tailoring eight hours a day, 240 days a year, for over 10 years. We have learned to listen, to see, and to touch in order to tailor the beautiful t-shirt. It’s a lifetime of using our senses to perfect how the garment feels to another person and this is a luxury machine will never afford. To be focused and spend countless hours on a single t-shirt arise personal relationship to the people who are wearing it. In every t-shirt we create, we leave a part of our curiosity, our discoveries, our visions and that’s the great satisfaction of craftsmanship for us.

Kosmopolitês brand based in Ukraine, Kyiv
Caribbean, mainly in Barbados and Jamaica
Flums, Switzerland
Knitted fabric
Porto, Portugal
woven cottongin label
Piedmont, Italy
Ukraine, Kyiv
Gutach im Breisgau, Germany
personalized embroidery
Ukraine, Kyiv
Japanese washi paper for packaging
Japan, Tokyo
Signature aroma
Charlotte, North Carolina, US
We are creators, not just creatives.

We are creators, not just creatives.
We believe that craftsmanship is sexy. 
Working with hands is what gets our minds going.
We don’t struggle against mass production, we just love making things that value.
We make the garment that awakens your senses.
We’re proud of the garments we create.
We make mistakes. We do wrong things. We failure. But we never compromise on what we are doing.

Our philosophy
"Our philosophy is always to focus on quality, craftsmanship, and the unique style and requirements of the individual. It's one way to be different from your competitors. You can try to be cheaper, or you can try to be better..."
Sensorial immersion
Using the finest cotton on Earth we craft t-shirts that mould to the body and offer complete comfort for the wearing. There is no way to truly describe the sensation of Cottongin's t-shirt through words, its best feature will dazzle you with one touch. Feeling, not showing is the essence of our ethos.
Traditional Japanese paper
Cottongin package surface covered with traditional Japanese washi paper that brings dense and warm feeling, much like textile, thick plain-weave wool with a napped surface. It exudes a simple warmth in tune with the climate and nature of rural Japan.

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