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Softness and superior comfort

Cottongin’s best feature will dazzle you with one touch, once on your skin you can immediately feel the superior silkiness and softness of this garment.

Caribbean Sea Island Cotton: The rarest cotton on Earth

Thriving in the mild, subtropical microclimate found on the barrier islands of the Southeastern coast, there the sun shines more than 3,000 hours per year and the thermal bump between night and day is minimal. Sea Island Cotton is treated with the utmost attention considering its historical importance as the most ancient and precious cotton type in the world. 

Today, the Caribbean Sea Island Cotton represents less than 0.004% of cotton supplies on earth and is exclusively used by iconic Savile Row tailors and most luxurious couture houses.

It can cost more than $3000 per bale compared to $400 per regular cotton. Its soft-touch, natural silken sheen, and unbelievable comfort are what lead people around the world to pay as much as five times the price of regular cotton garments.

A Time-Honored tradition: harvest, handle and pack the cotton by hand

Sea Island Cotton is the finest cotton on Earth. In the world of textiles, the finer the fiber, the softer and more precious it is. There is an intensive labor process involved in this delicate fiber and truly little machinery used in the process. 

Tiny quantities of Sea Island Cotton were patiently harvested by people who picked, handled, and sorted them gently by hand, in a traditional way, as many years ago before machinery. After final careful examination for stains and seed particles, cotton was packed. To prevent damages, it was loosely packed by hand into tall narrow hemp bags. These efforts resulted in a unique cotton fiber with exceptionally fine texture, silky finish, and an ultra-soft feel. 

Sea Island Cotton was, according to Dr. Richard Porcher in his book “by all accounts the finest quality of cotton ever grown — anywhere or at any time.

“Monday to Sunday” luxury in a casualwear
We feel a great responsibility by dealing with this unique and rare Caribbean Sea Island Cotton. Our tailors are processing it with the utmost care, slowly and masterfully crafted into the perfect garment. Traditionally reserved for luxury shirting we are applying Sea Island Cotton to your ultimate bespoke t-shirt. It is like “Monday to Sunday” luxury in casualwear. Anyone wearing the Cottongin t-shirt can always rely on the light, comfortable and silkiest feel of all kinds of cotton. Sea Island Cotton may look delicate, yet it is strong and durable. Its durable surface is barely affected by multiple washing, resists wear, and rather smooths over time.

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